Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween my good friend Rachel and I did a Halloween party with our local many Western holidays, people are familiar with the name, but often unfamiliar with why/how we celebrate.

Although I very much resent the Twilight series and the whole vampire obsession...I only had a brief amount of time to throw together a costume, and vampire was the easiest/cheapest. My boyfriend didn't dress up (and right before this picture/possibly afterward we had a huge fight, hence the added angry expression/vampiric eyes look pretty scary after I cry).

Another thing that is fun is that many Chinese friends are eager to try out anything that is a Western tradition, thus most people were pretty good sports about sticking their faces in a pail of water (bobbing for apples). :-)

I definitely miss Halloween parties in the States, with all the creative costumes and fun, but it was fun getting to introduce my local friends to some Halloween fun!

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