Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Taste of China?

If you have never experienced Chinese cuisine in are missing out! And yes, Chinese food here is very different from what you find in most Chinese restaurants in the U.S....most of the food served there is more similiar to food found in the south of China (also, you don't see fortune cookies here...shocking, I know). In fact, China has a lot of diverse flavors to sample from!

One of my favorite types of food to be found in my area is Mongolian food. Hearty and delicious...Mongolians eat a lot of carbs, dairy products, and mutton.

Pictured above is my favorite thing ever: Mongolian milk tea. It's really more like a soup than tea, because it is salty and thick. It is made by boiling black tea leaves, then adding milk, and, depending on your tastes, butter, oil, or salt. No, it is not very healthy...but it is amazing!

My friend allowed me to taste a new food at dinner last week....Suan Nai Mian (literally translates: sour milk noodles). Yep. You add some fermented milk to hot water with some green onion and salt to make a noodle broth. The noodles absorb some of the yeasty taste of the fermented's an interesting flavor. But delicious. And reminds me of the time that I drank several shots of fermented horse milk in a yurt (Mongolian house) in the for the tastebuds, not for the stomach. :-)

(Does it look appetizing? Maybe not...but it was!)

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