Saturday, August 10, 2013

Am I a model?

The answer to that? Definitely not. Not tall enough (although I'm pretty tall in China if I wear heels), small boobs that disappear if I lay down flat, and wide hips. Slightly strange facial features that make my nationality indeterminable (that can be a plus in some ways).

But, as many foreigners have experienced, in China you can be many things that you might not otherwise have an opportunity to be.
So, I am now a "freelance model" haha. I got a second job offer lined up, so this is now my spare time way to bring in some extra money.

I didn't love the experience, honestly, but I prefer it to teaching kids. My husband loves modeling, performing, and basically anything related to that, and he was openly jealous that I got another call back to model for the photography studio. I'd give him the chance any day, because he is much more of a natural than me and really wants to do it. But hey, makes for more good stories and funny photos for me. :-)

If you are facebook friends with me you probably saw these shots, along with others, accompanied by humorous captions (because really, the whole experience was rather humorous...the poses they wanted seemed so odd to me).

Anyhow, this brings me to another in China.
Honestly, I feel like there are SO many beautiful women in China (and their feet are all smaller than mine). I feel insecure around them sometimes. But then other times, China can give you a bit of an ego boost to make up for it. They love my white skin and big eyes, even my nose (which I think is weird). I get compliments on my figure a lot (even though I hate it).

As many women have lamented over the years, why can't we be comfortable in our own skins? Chinese women often spend money on products to make their skin whiter, when I love their tans. They wear strange, fake looking eye contacts and try to make their eyes appear larger when their narrow, Asian eyes are so exotic and beautiful to many of us foreigners. I LOVE black hair, and yet many of my friends prefer to dye it.

As I've grown older, of course, I've learned to embrace the things about myself I like, and try to find some positives even about the things I hate.

-My feet are big (and I can't find shoes here a lot of times) and I can share shoes with my hubby. ha
-My boobs are small, but my back doesn't hurt, and most shirts will fit me
-My hips are big, but they are good for balancing things on and will be good baby-making hips. ha

For my dear Chinese friends, I hope to remind them too that so many foreigners think they are beautiful just as they are...I personally think all my friends are SO cute!

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