Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chinese Pre-Wedding Pics

Wedding photos in China are a big that they are an all-day, multiple outfit affair. We got ours done at one of the higher end photo studios, and it was fun, but exhausting. The results we are pretty pleased with, although we did ask them to tone down some of the major cheese that sometimes is the Chinese preferred style. Plus I liked my makeup artist/hair stylist and will use her for my wedding day, yay!
The one I chose as a wallet print (because I like the sillier side of life, haha). My hubby hates this picture actually, but I think it's fun!
(This is the one we chose for the giant framed picture they give us, haha)
(one from our outdoor shoot in the park)
Anyways, along with the glamorous experience, haha, we also got a BUNCH of books, canvas prints, prints on glass, and even a crystal cube with our pictures in it..haha)
So, while some of the pics were decidedly different than American photography styles, it was fun and we are happy to have these shots!

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