Friday, February 1, 2013

Chinese Wedding

I got to attend my first Chinese wedding when my fiance's sister got married last week!

It was interesting, eye-opening, enjoyable, embarassing (as any event ought to be for a foreigner in China), and, from a personal standpoint, nice to get an idea of what I'm in for come July.

Anyhow, things I learned from the wedding.....

-I am NOT in a million years hiring one of those wedding companies that everyone in China hires....cheesy MCs (see photo below of guy in MJ-style outfit joining my fiance onstage)...I'd rather just ask someone that actually KNOWS us to do it.

-Even if people tell you, as a foreigner, that you won't have to say anything or do anything, this is never true. Always be prepared to make a speech so you won't embarrass yourself by spluttering and not knowing what to say when the MC asks you to showcase your Chinese by giving a toast to the happy couple. Also, you may have to sing/do who knows what else.

In other news, the wedding was fun because I got to meet a lot of relatives/family friends that will come to our wedding this summer (apparently because of who my fiance is and that fact that I am a foreigner, we can expect a big turnout...eeek). And, of course, took the obligatory bunch of photos with the restaurant staff who had never seen a foreigner before.

Also, I overcame 2 fears on that day....

1) Singing in front of people. Thanks to my fiance who forced me into it (with near tears on my part). As a performer, he doesn't get that while I like singing ok, I do not like people looking at me while I do it. He rather impatiently said, "Time for you to get over have a beautiful voice, stop being selfish and share it with people" then announced, "My girl is going to sing now." Thanks, babe.

2) Driving in Inner Mongolia. It was terrifying, and I did use my white face to get a cut-in through the traffic...but, we made it home (ok, it was only like a half-mile, but still...harrowing).

(Here is a shot that my 姐姐took from the backseat--probably terrified--)

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