Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well, time for an update on something I haven't actually shared with everyone that I know yet, but with the anonymity that the internet provides (haha), I think I'll start talking about's new cultural territory for me.
I'm venturing back into the cross-cultural dating scene. I'm not going to share many details at this point, but relationship. As I have shared with some local friends that I will be dating this local guy, the responses have been very interesting.
Most of it has been "Oh, great, he is so suitable for you." Which I think is kind of funny, because it's like, how do they really know that?... but anyways.
One friend who has met him (most of them haven't yet) expressed approval in a rather amusing manner. "Yes, his eyes are very big...he is suitable for you."
Actually I don't think that's really a point in his favor since I like small eyes, but whatever.
This was followed by an inquisition about his job, salary, and whether or not he lived with his parents or had his own house. This friend has a particular way of annoying me when conversing on this topic...she has an extremely practical, traditional view of selecting a boyfriend. She didn't approve of my last crush because he worked at a coffee shop.
I kept telling her I wasn't concerned since I had a salary and didn't need much to live on/to own three houses/to have a car. The whole conversation was somewhat bizarre to me..the guy is not a slacker and has more than enough to live on...also, her admiration for people who have 5 apartments (who on earth needs 5 apartments, especially in our small city?) really bugs me...I always have to bite my tongue and remember to be patient....I grew up in the West with less practical imagery surrounding the ideas of love and marriage, and I have familiarity with the additional concept of using your wealth to bless others/giving till it hurts.
Anyhow, adjusting to dating in China versus the U.S. will be interesting, especially since everything that I do as a foreigner attracts more attention than the average person...and the average person still has everyone else's noses in their business. A new adventure for sure...


  1. !!!!!!
    judging by your fb profile, i can only assume that this mystery boyfriend is a certain shirtless leader ;)

  2. yes, one of the reasons I can't share much ya know...haha. ;)