Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Insert Sigh of Contentment

School is out! (Chinese holidays are a little different than in the U.S....we get half of January and all of February off).

That said, many of my friends have gone home for the holidays, but I'm grateful for some chill time before I do a little traveling. I also get to spend some concentrated time with the people who are still in town, like many of my friends from my English Corner.

Lots of little things blessed/touched me this week:
  • My friend giving me a box of Crystal Light Energy that she got in a package...I love that stuff!
  • Another friend bending over backwards to help me set up a Chinese bank account and get set up with (the Chinese ebay!).
  • One of my teachers randomly telling before our final that I was "really pretty". Random, but I like compliments. ha My theory is since our final was an hour later than our class usually is, I looked awake for once. ha
  • A friend's husband who plays the guitar serenading me with some Jay Chou songs (he even tried to imitate his voice for me, ha!)
  • Finding out that Bi Rain is performing in Beijing in March! I have GOT to go!
What blessed your week?

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