Monday, January 10, 2011


Dear Cute Korean Classmate,

I like the way you say "ahhhh" when you are interested in what the teacher explains. I like the way you have very neat handwriting (unlike me). I like that you are quiet but also quietly listen and laugh or smile when I say something funny or silly. I like that you fall asleep at your desk during the break, but are very attentive and studious while class is going on. I like your voice.

I like that you have a similiar mindset about living overseas, and that you want to be here long-term.

We have our obstacles to overcome....such as that we both communicate in what is a second language for us....and that you may think I am a little bit crazy...but our love will overcome. As I have already impressed you with my pronunciation of one Korean word, I am clearly ready to be a Korean wife. And with my high kimchi consumption rate, we clearly have similiar interests.

Please give me the half-Asian children that I so desire. They will be on the non-muscular, skinny side....but with my Western eyes and your Asian genes, they could take the world by storm (think really intelligent supermodels).

Yue Bai (Your Creepy Stalker Classmate )


  1. hahahaha. oh man. this made my day. seriously.

  2. So you've moved on from your dream of finding an Indian or REALLY old attractive guy as a husband, to Korean boys in your class. I am assuming his in your age range? :-D Miss yaaaaa! --Marina

  3. i love you. and we need to talk more often. waiting six months is definitely a really bad idea. i need more of you in my life!

  4. not sure how i haven't seen this yet. but it is hilarious! any updates on your love life?