Wednesday, October 27, 2010

World Expo

So, a little late with the continued Shanghai posts...but, here is one about the 2010 World Expo.

Our World Expo Strategy: Avoid pavilions with a long wait, and thus see more of the world. It worked. We saw a LOT.

(I even got a "passport" to get stamped in different "countries". Cooler than my real one)

Suprise Favorite Pavilion: Uzbekistan. For real. I want to go there now.

Lamest Pavilion: Lebanon. With Iraq coming in at a close second (apparently China did the pavilion for them...thus it was all cheesy Arabian Nights stuff).

Celebrity Encounter: Suprisingly few foreigners were there, thus in the Pakistan pavilion we were noticed and had a conversation with a V.I.P. who apparently was in charge of Pakistan's pavilion...still trying to figure out who he was. He complimented us by noticing that as Texans we didn't have accents. ha.

Pavilions Avoided: Saudi Arabia (all day wait), India, South Korea (also long waits), America (apparently looked lame). Also, China (you had to have a special pass to go in...lame).

Weirdest Moments: Both Leslie and I were flirted with on a global scale. Have you ever been asked by a Yemeni boy to write your phone number on his arm? Awkward.

(The outside of Iran's Pavilion)

Pavilions I Am Sad I Missed: Israel, Iran

(Guess which country? Venezuela. Definitely interesting to see how people presented politcal systems/issues)

Other Pavilions I Was Excited to See: Mongolia (represent!), Palestine, Libya, North Korea (because when will I be able to visit either Libya or North Korea easily?)


(North Korea...the truth seemed just a tad bit obscured...shocker)

Worst Part?: How badly my feet hurt. FYI hiking boots would have been a better idea than sandals..but I was too excited to be in clean, fashionable Shanghai.

Before Shanghai hosted the Expo, I can't say that I paid attention to it...China really upped the ante. If you get a chance, definitely check out a World Expo....cultural festival on a massive scale! Seriously, I have realized during my time in China how much diversity truly is a gift, and it was so sweet to be there! I almost cried when I saw Arabs....

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  1. Okay, so two thoughts reading this:
    1) Uzbekistan - YES! I love uzbek food, culture and colorful hats!

    2)I keep getting hit on a lot too, I think it's the foreign appeal....also, we look goooood.