Sunday, January 25, 2015

Long Time No See!

Oh's been too long friends.

Well....we are still in the States. Not planning on going back to China until baby Enlu is a little older...main reason being we don't want to deal with trying to find safe milk powder, etc. We will wait until he is eating solids better before returning.

Enlu turned 7 months old yesterday and, as always parents always say, we can't imagine life without him. He is a sweet, if rather vocal and constantly hungry, baby and our little "half blood" baby is growing up so fast!

My hubby even started a WeiShi account for him where you can check out all of his cute videos...stay tuned and I will post the link for it later.

More updates coming soon, I promise. Can't believe it's been so long! But between my job and baby, I really have been preoccupied. Let's remedy that. :-)

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  1. Hello Julie,

    How are you? I was searching for Mandarin learning information online found the FAQ page at your blog:
    (Thanks for sharing those great resources to help you study Chinese;)

    It's funny. We are now making an infographic about Chinese learning. We are asking 30-50 bloggers the TOP THREE RESOURCES they use to learn Mandarin Chinese.

    I was trying to send an email to to give you a bit more details, but it failed...

    Is there a contact page here?

    Either way, thanks Julie thanks for sharing the learning resources at your blog:)