Sunday, October 9, 2011

Outdoor Excursion #2

Being in the city, I forget sometimes that we are surrounded by mountains, just asking to be climbed. I am always vocalizing how much I want to go biking or climbing, but many of my friends aren't quite as into the physical activities as I am.
At last, however, my dear friend and 姐姐 (I call her my older sister) wanted to go, so, along with a friend of hers, we took advantage of the holiday week to go. Also, her friend is part of a road bicycling club, and he let me ride his expensive racing bike. It was terrifying at first (because he is really tall and the seat is high), but man you can fly on that thing! He also told me that I had sport bicycling potential (which I suspected I did, but alas, have not the time/money for that hobby at the moment....perhaps someday!).
It was a bit of a hazy day, but still worth it. The beauty of creation, and the opportunity for some (relative) quiet (a rarity in China) provided a great day! I love a good active day!

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