Saturday, July 9, 2011


Recently I went to the local zoo with a couple of friends. It's actually called the "Zoo and Safari Park"....and by most standards, it wasn't all that great....but, for a smallish town and less developed province, it's decent. And it's something to do, which I am always searching for here.

The highlight?

Monkeys. They had some that were out and about that you could feed. If I look somewhat wary in this photo, it's because a huge monkey had just lunged at us baring his teeth angrily because we didn't give him some food (I was trying to give it to this little guy). It reminded me of these moments during my trip to Thailand:

In Thailand, this baby monkey enjoyed pulling my hair, eating the flower in my hair, and sticking his fingers in my ear. Cute, but monkeys and I are not exactly bff.

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