Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things I Like Thursday

Winter Essentials:

This face mask. I swore I would never wear face masks, but they really do keep your face warm, and this one is breathable so I don't suffocate. Plus, come on, how awesome do I look?-please ignore the fact that I actually look totally worn out. Also, shout out to Erin C....I really love the scarf!!!)

Malatang. It's basically soup where you choose your ingredients...mine are potato balls, tofu noodles, tofu funnels, quail eggs, cabbage, and mushroom.
Winter is not my favorite time of year....but there are definitely things that make it bearable! :-)


  1. glad you love the scarf! and some things that make the cold a little more bearable...

  2. Hey I wore a face mask when I was in China with my boyfriend and my god i never experienced so much staring in my whole life! I had a pink hello kitty one and a purple flower one I thought they were pretty. not to mention warm,