Friday, February 21, 2014

Hey everyone!

So, no update for quite some time...I am not Jules in 中国 (China), still Jules in 美国 (America).
Life has been challenging (not a shocker I suppose) and mostly we have been preparing (as much as we can) for the arrival of this little guy....

Our own little 混血宝宝。(mixed-blood baby). Who is, yes, a boy. And who we still have no idea what to name. We are mostly preoccupied with how to pay to bring him into the world, I suppose. Navigating life in America, just like life in China, is a series of massive headaches as part of an international couple.

Anyways, more posts to come as I process thoughts about life in America vs. in China, our child's racial/ethnic "identity", raising a cross-cultural baby, and yes, thoughts and observations on the hype surrounding male babies in China.

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  1. Gongratulations! What great news! Looking forward to posts about your new life situation :)