Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chinese Wedding Morning

 (my bridesmaid and I)
 ("who is it?"
 (my groom giving me flowers)
 (the hotel A.C. wasn't working so well, haha, sweaty)
Ok, so ignore the fact that I look puffy and exhausted in these photos (two hours of sleep the night before...eeee)....these photos (stolen from my parents camera) show the progression of events when the groom comes to "fetch" the bride on the wedding morning.

We rented a hotel room that served as my "home" for Xiao Long to fetch me from...when the groom and his accompanying friends/family arrive, my bridesmaid refused to let him in, playing all sorts of tricks and jokes like making him sing, do pushups, answer questions, and then give "hong bao" (red envelopes with money inside) before she finally let him in. I really enjoyed that aspect of the Chinese wedding...more to follow!

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  1. My belated congratulations! And did I say, your pre wedding photos were very well done and the both of you looked great too in them!